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We Build All Styles of Homes

Excellence from Below the Ground Up

New Building Technologies

A custom home to us is more than just the style and finishes you want – we make sure your home is sustainable through time and maximizing all of the building technologies we now have to create homes of superior efficiency.

Design Aesthetic that Lasts

Good design endures the test of time. It will outlast cliché and building slight of hand. It is my goal to build one home at a time with integrity and enduring classical beauty, while using state of the art building science.


We value craftsmanship, as a luthier who takes pride in what he has made, signing each instrument in his own name.

You are put first so that you are proud of your home.

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What Our Clients Say

I am writing in reference to the excellent experiences I have had with Jon Hartenberger, who has been our contractor on several major projects at the Church and at our home. In every instance, Jon has been thorough, professional, conscientious, and courteous. his work has always reflected a degree of skill and commitment seldom found today.

- Rev. James Anderson

I am writing to thank you for all of your good work in building the home for me, my wife and my kids. Nora and I both appreciated your commitment to building a quality home for a reasonable price. More importantly, we appreciate your commitment to making sure that Nora and I were happy with the result.

- William R. Keleher

Jon and Lynn Hartenberger built a 2100 sq. ft. adobe home for us in our apple orchard in Corrales, NM. As an “Old World Craftsman” Jon is conscientious almost to the point of obsession. He demands no less than his best work, of himself, his crew, his subcontractors. Although he is obviously in business to earn his family’s living, he is neither greedy nor unfair. He gave us a fair price for top-of-the-line work! As designers, Jon and Lynn have an eye for authentic, elegant, simple detail. They understand the importance of place, surrounding environment…. A Hartenberger home is outstanding, magnificent perhaps, but never overdone, showy or pretentious. Finally, the day in and day out burden of building (for the homeowner) is made considerably more tolerable by Jon’s style and personality. Simply put, he cares deeply. He cares about his customer’s needs; he cares about his product.

- Sally and Brian Reeves

It is my pleasure to write this letter of reference for your construction company. When we moved to New Mexico six years ago and began the process of looking for a quality adobe homebuilder, it became apparent through our conversations with you that your team was the one to select out of the three bids we considered – you educated us well on the differences between adobe and non-adobe homes, and provided many useful recommendations about details and appointments that would increase the value of our home over time. We are very pleased with the adobe house you built us, which we have called home five year now. Your attention to detail, selection of a committed team of workers, attention to budget considerations and the deadline by which we needed to move in was excellent.

- Leslie McNertney

In the initial planning phase of the house I met regularly with the architect over a period of several weeks. Jon made the effort to join us in virtually all of these meetings. This was something that he did not have to do, but having him at these meetings allowed us to avoid the types of miscommunications and conflicts that frequently occur between the builder and the architect once the construction begins. Throughout the entire building process there was a constant exchange of ideas on ways to improve the final product. These changes in plans often entailed some additional work, but Jon was always happy to make the changes that often resulted in important improvements. I soon came to realize that Jon took as much personal interest in the quality of the work and the final product as I did. Having heard so many horror stories about building a house I have to admit that I entered this construction process with considerable trepidation. I am happy to say that Jon and I remain good friends and I discovered over the past several years that this is also true for his other clients. Jon’s commitment does not end with the completion of the house. I can’t tell you how many times Jon has come back on my request to fix or tweak various minor problems that normally occur the first few years after moving in. In my experience it is extremely rare to find a builder with his level of integrity and willingness to make such a personal commitment to his work.I love my house and I give Jon my highest recommendations on all counts without any reservations.

- Peder Johnson