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Before starting Hartenberger Construction Inc., I earned a double B.A. degree in Chinese Literature and History; studying Chinese literature, language, history, culture, religion, and art. Chinese art has left a lasting impression on me – giving me an appreciation of design aesthetic. Along with this degree, I enrolled in various Western art history classes. I even married an artist! So, as a builder, why do I mention this at all? I am a person who loves design and I love to build homes where individuals and families can rest and enjoy beauty as a part of their environment. From my early college years, aesthetic beauty has been central. Whether the home is traditional Southwest, European, or Modern the essential design elements are universal. Furthermore, good design is enduring. It will outlast cliché and building slight of hand. It is my goal to build one home at a time with integrity and enduring classical beauty, while using state of the art building science.

~ Jon